Tips & Tricks

Awesome that you want to take action to support safe schools worldwide! Do you already have a good idea, but are you unsure about how to start raising money? Have a look at the steps below to get some ideas!

Step 1: Share your story

How are you going to take action for safe schools? Describe your idea and motivation in a story, this will motivate your potential sponsors to support you. 

Step 2: Be your own sponsor 

Get your campaign going by making a donation to yourself. This will motivate others to support you too!

Step 3: Get the people around you to support you

You know more people than you might think! They can help your campaign. Ask your parents, classmates, neighbors or people at your sports club. 

Step 4: Share your initiative on social media

Ask as many people as possible to share, like, and most of all, support your initiative. The more people see you take action, the higher the chance you will get support. Maybe we will even pick your initiative to share on our social media platforms.   

Step 5: Ask local media for help

Regional media outlets are always looking for special stories. This is great attention for you, and for safe schools!

Step 6: Keep your sponsors up to date  

It is important to make sure your sponsors stay involved with what you are doing. Send them updates, thank them for their support, and don’t forget to inform and thank them once you finish your initiative. 


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